So I could post about something important, or about Morgellon's Disease, but instead here's some insight into my character. I'm a baseball fan. For the last eight years or so I've followed the Astros pretty closely. Just now I read this paragraph over at King Kaufman's Sports Daily:
On this same morning last year, the Astros were 19-32, in last place in the Central Division, 10 and a half games from the nearest playoff spot. And it looked legit, too. They looked like a bad team going nowhere, and that's just where they went, if you consider the World Series "nowhere."

And then I went directly to baseball-reference.com to see if it was true that the Astros had been in the World Series. It was! And then I remembered A.J. Pierzynski despite the best efforts of my considerable psychic defense mechanisms.

In other baseball fandom news, I decided last week to take a run at becoming a Tigers fan, on the grounds that I now live pretty close to Comerica Park and even closer to a Comerica ATM. The fact that the Tigers had the best record in baseball had, of course, nothing to do with my decision. Anyway, I tuned my radio to the games and the team promptly lost three out of four to the Yankees and two out of three to the Red Sox. A.J. and the ChiSox are coming to town today and that could be the last straw.

Go Pistons! Oh wait...

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