Today is the day

CBS will be broadcasting a video game competition at high noon. I'm guessing that it'll be unwatchable. Because of CBS, not because of the watchability of video games. At any rate, I'd rather watch skateboarding.

Addenum: Yeah, it sucks. CBS is making the Olympic mistake. That is, they're trying to appeal to an audience that doesn't actually like the, uh, sport being covered. But those people have lives and won't tune in. On the other hand, anybody who actually plays the games that they're showing is going to be frustrated by the fact that CBS isn't showing enough of the game for you to be able to tell what's happening.

Double Plus Addendum: They have a panel of judges for Guitar Hero so that they can judge style. This is so unbearably, incredibly lame. Also, as a non-WOW player, that segment just made no sense, thus I declare the pandering to non-players to be a total and abject failure.

The Addendum to End All Addenda: For the record, live-blogging the network premiere of the World Series of Gaming does not even come close to being the geekiest thing I've done in the last week.

Last word: "The rockstar lifestyle is a lifestyle you live from the day you're born." -- nameless gamer, closing the broadcast and explaining that he'll be there at the next event, rocking.

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