How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

A short argument about Hillary Clinton:
  1. The War in Iraq is extremely unpopular.
  2. Faced with an unpopular policy, a President has three choices. She can: (a) persist in the policy despite its unpopularity; (b) expend political capital in an effort to change public perceptions; or (c) change the policy.
  3. Hillary Clinton won't do a or b.
  4. Hence, if Hillary Clinton were President, she would end the war in Iraq.

Seems right to me.

Meanwhile, I can't find a transcript, but you should have seen Juan Williams on Fox News Sunday yesterday. He went from 'Obama has been damaged by Wright' to 'Obama is no longer inevitable' to 'Obama is weaker than he was' to 'Obama is weak' to 'Obama reminds me of Dukakis' to 'If the Democrats nominate Obama, it looks like another in a long line of weak nominees -- Humphrey, Dukakis.'

Lovely. With a simple equivocation on 'weak', Williams was able to split the difference between Obama as a figure of fear, a secretly angry black man, and Obama as the subject of scorn, another weak Democrat.

For my part, I've been thinking that what I'd really like to see is a debate between Obama and Wright. Maybe it could be moderated by Sister Souljah.

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