"Obama snoozed, oil oozed"

This morning on MSNBC's daily train wreck called Morning Joe, everyone was in agreement that the BP spill was turning into "Obama's Katrina," and that the administration needed to have somebody down there taking decisive action, acting "mad as hell," and solving the problem. 

But it's really not clear that the government or BP has any idea what to do. It's not like Katrina, where the government is failing to pull the trigger on the obvious next steps. There is no obvious solution. And I could be wrong, but I suspect that being "mad as hell" isn't going to accomplish a lot by itself. 

That said, it looks like Obama is going to move in on the operation, pushing out BP. And although it will cause him to "own" the spill more than he already does, I guess I'd rather have Steven Chu running things than the liability lawyers over at BP.     

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