Let's take a moment to talk about videogames

For you who care not for our national art, come back after Thanksgiving for less dorky postings. Meanwhile, those of you who know of which I speak, skip past the jump and join me.

I was in California for work the week Call of Duty: Black Ops was released. After landing at the airport I first went to pick up my son at daycare, and then the two of us went to Target and picked up a copy of the game. Later that night I had a chance to start it up, and found out that Safety Neal, Bobby Chez, the Silver Fox, and Wyrminger had all reached double digit levels, one of them breaching the 40s. In four days. That's intense.

So far I have enjoyed the game. Neal argues that the game is unbalanced due to the lack of deathstreaks and the the overpowered chopper gunner killstreak. Personally, I hated the deathsreaks. And I haven't been killed by the chopper gunner... I see a lot of my compatriots employing SAM turrets in out of the way locations, so maybe that's got something to do with it.

Meanwhile, COD is competing with:

  • Castlevania
  • Assassin's Creed 2B
  • Need For Speed HP
  • Fable 3
  • Fallout 2 NV

And those are just the games I'd like to play. What about you, player? What are you playing, why do you like it, and, if you are in COD, what's your loadout?

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  1. Played with Bobby Chez last night and we kicked some serious ass.

    Based on reviewing the combat reports stat in the game, it looks to me like the FAMAS and AK-74 are the most popular guns in the Black Ops. Those are definitely my favorite guns in softcore games.


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