Bearded Men Singing from the Heart, Part 19

Karmic beard


  1. Anonymous15/4/11 00:44

    What's up with the blindfolded knitting? Is that Yoko? Am I missing some symbolism there?


  2. Yoko would tell you that everything she does is performance art. Including sitting on a stage with a dressing over her eyes while knitting.

    I could make guesses at the specific symbolism, but where Yoko is concerned I should reiterate that they're nothing but guesses.

    Perhaps it's a representation of the state of a world in which most are happy to simply get on with their knitting while keeping themselves intentionally blind to the horrors of war, poverty, famine, disease, racism, sexism, insert your favorite horror here. In that light her action might be said to dovetail nicely with the lyric that Lennon is offering. I'll pick war as my horror of choice since John and Yoko were vocal opponents of war at that time and since the dressing covering her eyes appears to be a field dressing that would have been common in a basic medics aid bag from the period. If the particular style of knitting or the knitting tools she's using have any specific meaning I can't say. Unfortunately I know more about field dressings than knitting needles.


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