Project Kleinrock: Harnessing the crazy

I've been thinking about Kleinrock Routers. The reasons are crazy: The President is not going to shut down the internet.

But the method to the madness is pretty awesome. We've flooded our urban centers with IP-routing radio boards, owned and operated by regular folks. So if we (the people) wanted to, we could just set up our own internet!

Ironically, in more forward thinking nations the wi-fi is free and controlled by the government. If everything goes to hell and we actually need a Kleinrock network, it will work a lot better in places where the free market was the only law. 


  1. Maybe they could use some sort of device to modulate and demodulate data signals over long distances through traditional phone lines.

  2. The Kleinrock people aren't trying to build an internet that will let you pirate the season finale of Game of Thrones. They are trying to build a network that can be used by American Revolutionaries to pass important information from cell to cell when Obama declares martial law.

    So in a way it is a bad joke, but not to the people who believe in it.

    For me, it's interesting as one of the unexpected ways in which a shadow network can be created.


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