I've always thought of myself as a slow reader, so was pleasantly surprised by my results on this test. 500 words a minute, baby. Boo-Ya! Almost as fast as Ezra Klein, from whom I lifted the link. Interestingly, I got through the non-fiction test considerably quicker than the fiction test, which wasn't what I expected. Probably it's the imagery.

For the record, I think there's something a little screwy about not skimming when reading nonfiction. By my lights, what you're supposed to do is skim really fast and then go back and puzzle over the important parts.

In other reading news, I finally broke down and got a subscription to Harper's. The first issue arrived yesterday and was a bit of a disappointment -- it's the same issue that I got the subscription card out of three weeks ago. Anyway, riddle me this: Is Harper's the best English language magazine or what?

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