The Writer's Strike

Really, DR isn't "busy," he just didn't want to cross a picket line. Any picket line.

Anyway, there is one reason to be enthusiastic about the strike: It's an occasion to for Ze Frank to return to v-blogging.

Also, I found this post by Fake Steve Jobs to be pretty entertaining. Here are a couple excerpts:
I guess we can't blame these writers. They've all got big stupid houses in Los Angeles and Hawaii, plus Porsches and Land Rovers and way more money than they ever deserved and they got it all for producing what history will view as probably the worst bulk of absolute fecal matter that has ever been passed off onto the world. Honestly these guys have run the biggest scam I've ever seen. Now they're clinging to that fat stupid system that has served them so well.

Obtain a clue, people. You're sitting there fighting over residuals and terms of this and that when what you should be doing is leaving the system altogether and helping to build the next one. But you can't do that because you can't get off the heroin of network money. You're hooked to a lifestyle. For all your groovy talk and hip little soul patch beards, you're the most risk-averse people in the world. You're lifers. I mean, you belong to a fucking union! How fucked up and 20th century is that?

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