You can't irrigate the desert with the tears of Amy Winehouse

Because of the salt. Obviously.

Anyway, I never do this, but Dave3544 tagged me with a meme and since I'm not going to get around to that for awhile, I thought I'd throw up a random ten. Here you go:
  1. I Wanna Be Free – Loretta Lynn
  2. I Don’t Want Anything – Lezli Valentine
  3. Epistrophy – Thelonious Monk
  4. Kool Keith’s A#! – Princess Superstar
  5. This Woman – Desmond Dekker
  6. Nowhere To Stand – k.d. lang
  7. Doin’ Time – Sublime
  8. Sitting on Top of the World – Mississippi Sheiks
  9. A-Tisket A-Tasket – Chick Webb & His Orchestra featuring Ella Fitzgerald
  10. Breaking The Law – Judas Priest

Bonus Track: Just Over in the Gloryland – Anonymous 4

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