Hilarious and disturbing, if true

I don't know whether these are authentic, but on the Jeb Bush trivia page of tv.com, I find the following quotes:
Jeb Bush: The truth is useless. You have to understand this right now. You can't deposit the truth in a bank. You can't buy groceries with the truth. You can't pay rent with the truth. The truth is a useless commodity that will hang around your neck like an albatross all the way to the homeless shelter. And if you think that the million or so people in this country that are really interested in the truth about their government can support people who would tell them the truth, you got another thing coming. Because the million or so people in this country that are truly interested in the truth don't have any money.

Rep. Marco Rubio: No matter who the next governor is, Jeb Bush will still be the prominent Republican figure in Florida. He'll be without a title. But Jeb Bush's power comes from his ideas, not his title. And we are all about to find that out.

The page does not, however, cover Chang, or the unleashing thereof.

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