Not really all that super, let alone duper Tuesday

It's looking more and more as if Clinton and Obama are going to more or less split the delegate pie today, perhaps with a slight edge going to Obama. Since Clinton went into the day with a little bit of a lead, chances are that tomorrow we'll wake up to a two person race that's more or less tied. So much for the maelstrom of clarification that we'd been led to expect.

What's also clear is that America's pundit class wasn't prepared for this eventuality. Shouldn't they be ready with analysis that tells me, avid consumer of political horse race news that I am, how Clinton and Obama are expected to fare in the primaries and caucuses coming up over the next few weeks? Do they even know which states are next on the calendar? I had to look it up.

...I've been trying to figure out for awhile what's so weird about the way that Obama says "Americans" and tonight I think I've figured it out. He pronounces the word the same way that Bush does. Or, at any rate, the same way that Will Farrell's Bush does.

...Obama projected to win Alaska with 60% of the vote counted. Currently he leads 176-66. If his numbers hold up, Obama could break the 250 vote barrier.

...294!!!!! Also, I've just realized that it's 2am and I'm still watching election returns even though a DVD of some episodes of The Wire came in the mail from netfix today.

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