Election day Austin


It takes about an hour to get through the line to vote. The person who checks the registration card recognizes me from work, but I don't recognize him. He seems happy to see me, and then a little disappointed when I ask for the Democratic ballot. Later I notice that his name tag identifies him as a "Republican Alt. Judge."

Everyone here is voting in the Democratic primary. Most are returning to caucus. Even the election workers call it a caucus, although the sign on the door identifies them as Precinct Conventions, which is what I understand them to actually be.

The election workers say that we'll most likely have to have the Democratic caucus outdoors, since there is clearly not enough room in the little church for hundreds of democratic voters. Fortunately, it's really nice outside. I hope wintery Ohio has planned a little better.


Waiting on the wife before heading the the caucus. Reading about The coming caucus chaos in Texas, and from Ohio, WTF?
but perhaps the most unfortunate situation is that apparently (Ohioans out there, let me know if I've got this wrong) the paper ballots have a stub along the bottom that says "Vote Will Not Be Counted If Removed" -- except that it actually does have to be removed, and the poll workers' manual instructs election workers to tell voters to tear it off, provoking alarm among those voters whose elementary school teachers taught them to follow simple written instructions.

To be continued....

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