No serenade, no fire brigade

It's pretty reasonable to think that Hillary Clinton would make a better president than Barack Obama. Wrong, but reasonable. It's also reasonable to think that, other things being equal, Clinton would be a stronger general election candidate. What doesn't seem reasonable, to me at least, is to continue to support Clinton now that it's clear that she can't win the nomination. Especially since she seems willing to sink to incredible depths of selfishness in a futile attempt to win, no matter what the effect on the Democratic Party's chances in November. I know that the Democratic Party isn't exclusively comprised of reasonable people, but surely every reasonable person who prefers Clinton but believes Obama would be okay too is going to support Obama from here on out.

What's more, as near as I can tell the Clinton campaign is running out of money, she's dropping like a rock in the polls, and the news cycle seems to be increasingly dominated by the question of Clinton's viability.

To me, things look utterly hopeless and I can't understand why she hasn't dropped out of the race. This probably just goes to show how little I understand politics but, seriously, what's going on here? I can't bring myself to believe that it's just ego.

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