A guy walks into a doctors office with a carrot in his ear and a piece of celery up his nose. The doctor told him he wasn't eating right.

I see that IHOP is running a special featuring, among other things, 'Kansas Carrot Cake'. I can't say for certain that I've ever had carrot cake outside of Kansas, but then again the only places I can recall encountering carrot cake are weddings, funerals, and university dining halls. Anyway, I find myself wondering: in the American culinary imagination, is carrot cake associated with Kansas?

I find it hard to believe that it could be so. Truth be told, I can't think of any distinctive foods of Kansas. I guess you could make a case for sunflower seeds, but it's not like there's a sunflower seed festival in Topeka[1] or anything.

Somewhat relatedly, I've lately been craving a runza. Which, of course, is the distinctive delicacy of Nebraska.

1 'Topeka', according to folk Kansas etymology, means 'a good place to dig potatoes'.

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