...those who constantly remind us that giving “offense” is commensurate with “hate speech,” and as such, is worthy of special remedies (”diversity training” for benighted “haters,” a rather nuanced reconsideration of free speech that turns “tolerance” on its head, or — at best, the rise of “free speech zones,” which are nothing more than a progressive attempt at Jim Crow-ing the First Amendment) |Protein [ahem -- ed.] Wisdom|

Emphasis added.

I just don't understand what is being alleged here. As far as I know, so-called 'free-speech zones' have uniformly been created by entrenched power in an attempt to isolate and disempower[1] dissenting voices. Do the wingnuts really think that this is a progressive idea? More to the point, what the Hell could possibly be meant by 'Jim Crow-ing the First Amendment'? Is there a literacy test involved? Could this test be used to ban particularly stupid bloggers?

1 No, I do not believe 'disempower' to be a real word. Yes, I do despise myself for using it in a sentence. But, you know, if the meaning fits...

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