it's too much heat/let's go to beach/and meet some cheeeick

It's satisfying to know that, no matter where I go in Austin this SXSW week, I will stumble upon great free music and, if I play my cards right, free beer and BBQ.

No matter where I go on the radio dial, too, I'll get live coverage of SXSW music performances. Most of the main radio stations in town are doing this, including the NPR station, KUT.

Tonight I discovered K'Naan, Somali-born hip-hop artist who claims that American hip-hop, despite it's merits, lacks street cred as L.A. streets cannot compare to Mogadishu streets. And the guy learned English listening to American hip-hop.Take a listen to a live set from SXSW.

The NPR site also has the Decemberists performing their new album The Hazards of Love in its entirety.

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