Called "Daisy," The RNC's new 30-second Web ad uses footage of the now-infamous 1964 Lyndon Johnson commercial by the same name that showed a young girl picking off the pedals of a flower as a nuclear explosion is heard in the background.

That ad, which only ran once but was widely criticized as being extreme, ends with the image of a mushroom crowd and Johnson declaring, "We must either love each other, or we must die."

The New RNC ad splices the image of the girl with Obama's earlier declaration suggesting that closing Guantanamo Bay is "easy." This time the girl asks "To close it? To close it not?" as she picks off flower pedals.|CNN|

I don't see any way to read this except as an attempt to double-down on fear mongering. Maybe I'm biased. Anyhow, I tried to imagine what was going on in the room where they conceived the ad, but all I came up with was this:

GOP Thinker #1: We need a web ad for this Gitmo thing...
GOP Thinker #2: Got to drive home the message that the world will end if any of these guys are moved anywhere. Cuba, man, it's isolated. You can't even get a cigar out of there.
GOP Thinker #3: Man, all you have to do to get a cuban cigar is go to Canada.
GOP Thinker #2: Really?
GOP Thinker #3: Oh yeah. I've got a friend who crosses over from time to time and always brings a few back. Want me to get you a box?
GOP Thinker #2: Wow, that'd be...
GOP Thinker #1: Guys! On task, ok? We need fear, and the cigar angle isn't going to work.
GOP Thinker #2: Save the cigar angle for when Clinton runs!
GOP Thinker #3: Ha, ha, ha
GOP Thinker #1: Guys! Ah hell. Let's just recycle the daisy ad.
GOP Thinker #2: Chappaquiddick!

Bonus Content: Probably you'd like to watch the ad, so here it is.

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