Lazy Sunday

Item: I was planning my day around the Rockets-Lakers game, but my afternoon cleared up when the news about Yao's broken foot came across the wires, so I'll be checking out the new Trek film. I hear A.O. Scott gave it a good review, which puts it in the same class as A.I..

Item: In other Trek related news, I saw Nemesis for the first time a few days ago and was surprised to find it less crappy than I expected. Still crappy in the same old after school special way that the Next Generation and spinoffs seem fated to be, but less crappy than I expected. In that way, it was a lot like Quantum of Silence.

Item: At approximately 5:17 a.m. this morning I learned of the Lee Majors Rechargeable Bionic Hearing Aid. One google search later I discovered this, which is a much better link to follow.

Item: Speaking of late night commercials, I have a question about the Extenze infomercial script. The male stars always say something like, "I don't really need a bigger cock, but performing better, that could be fun." What the hell does "performing better" mean? My best guess is at odds with Extenze's other promise of increased pleasure.

Item: Ok, here's a link to the Lazy Sunday video.

Bonus Usability Complaint Item: Big thanks to NBC for suing every external service that posted the video online and not having a search function for their own site. GENIUS!! Luckily, Wikipedia exists and had a link to the SNL vid.

Breaking copyright infringement item: After 50,246 views (mostly, it appears from the 500 comments, by idiots) the Samurai v. Viking video that I posted on YouTube a few weeks ago has been disabled. I expect SpikeTV to realize an immediate profit from the action.

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