Buy a hybrid, change your light bubs, fail to save the world

Not to be a downer about things, but...
Did you know that just 16 large sea going cargo ships can produce as much pollution as all the world’s cars. Think about that! There are 100,000 of these ships on the sea! And none are restricted from burning dirty sulphur laden fuel oil that is not allowed as fuel by others. And that means they produce 6,250 times as much pollution as ALL the cars in the world!

The shipping industry makes a valid point: If you want those jeans from china for 19 bucks, you better not be messing with the shipping industry.

I have no idea whether carbon output from shipping is covered in current cap-and-trade proposals. But speaking of other kinds of polution, it seems like the EPA could enforce some new regs. on ships coming in and out of U.S. ports. Right?

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