What Jason doesn't know about health care reform could fill a blog post

Pop Quiz:

1. True or False? The Senate bill mandates that Americans buy health insurance, but since it does nothing to reign in costs, it amounts to a huge giveaway to the insurance industry.

2. Multiple choice: If the House passes the Senate's bill and they all fix it during Reconcilliation, will they address affordability by...

a) including a Public Option to drive down costs.

b) allowing the government to set levels on costs

c) using taxpayer dollars to provide subsidies to Americans who can't afford the overpriced insurance

d) doing nothing... they will hope it works itself out after the midterms.

3. Short answer: If you picked c or d, how does this not amount to a huge giveaway to the insurance industry?

4. Essay question (optional): How are we not completely fucked on this one?

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