The Quick and the Undead

Survival in the zombiepocalypse will require more than just luck. Of utmost importance is the survival mindset and a working knowledge of zombies.

But even the most determined individual will need some supplies. The Centers for Disease Control recently released suggested survival supplies and they are great, insofar as they go.

But they left out one important item: a machete.

Man chopping watermelon with a machete
Image courtesy of sgoralnick.
Luckily we at the Bellman have been prepping for this eventuality since before 2008.

The Zombie Research Society is another great resource for learning more about the coming undead pandemic.


  1. I plan to have my machete within reach, near my katana. So looking forward to consulting with you on this pesky zombie problem this next week!

  2. stardate06259421/5/11 00:57

    Excellent zombie post (and with a beard, even)!

  3. Excellent. I've been studying siniwali sticks at the Minnesota Kali Group. We'll have to conmpare notes.

  4. stardate06259424/5/11 08:03

    Love the sticks, Neal. You and Tom should get together and compare - he's been learning the tai chi flute and sabre forms, among other things. Y'all would definitely be handy in a zombie outbreak.


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