So there was a republican debate tonight

I'm so high right now
And like an idiot, I watched it.

 Lessons learned:

  • By applause, Ron "We Buy Gold" Paul was the clear victor. Who (other than the powerful) doesn't love Ron Paul? He articulates a clear, consistent philosophy. Even though the philosophy is pretty dumb, it's still super refreshing. 
  • Luntz and his focus group were absolutely crazy for Herman "The Godfather" Cain. I've never even heard of this guy, but now I can say: You, sir, are no Ross Perot. That he did so well in Luntzville is just further proof that Republicans are crazy.
  • Santorum was a delightfully frothy mix. Luntz's focus group gave him second place. 
  • T-Paw was smooth, and he really could be a contender. And I love that he embraces the appellation. It's fratty, but still pretty cool… for a presidential candidate. I'm hoping Obama embraces "B-Rock."
  • Luntz's group thought, to a person, that Barack Obama is a socialist, even when challenged by Luntz. 
  • Luntz's group was heavily populated with mouth-breathers (there's video evidence). 
Did you watch? Who is your guy or gal in the republican field? My pick is clearly Gary "Smokey" Johnson.

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  1. "Santorum was a delightfully frothy mix."



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