A blog by any other name would... actually be less offensive

I really hate The Futurist blog. I was excited when I ran across it, but it turns out that despite the promising name, this piece of tired malarky has nothing to do with "futurism" in any sense whatsoever. Furthermore, for a blog called "The Futurist," I would think that they could configure their TITLE tag, but apparently they cannot. If you can't handle HTML 101, you should not be allowed to claim the future. Gosh.

Anyway, what launched me on this little rant was just another case of severe asshat-ery courtesy of The Futurist. In a post entitled The US Job Market is Booming, For Those Who Can Admit It, we find this little moment of joy:
[Those who deny that the economy is [sic] improving based on these job numbers] will say is that these jobs are all lower-skilled jobs that pay poorly. This directly contradicts their claims that all the gains of US economic growth gravitate to the top of the income latter while the rest received no benefit.

Ah, you are so right, Mr. Future! "Low-skilled jobs that pay poorly" are indeed a benefit, when compared to unemployment. They also look good when compared to leprosy! We should be grateful that our real wages are plummeting, because we don't live in a Mexican prison!

There an equally flagrant logical fallacy in the next bullet point of their article. You might just win a t-shirt if you can name it!

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