The real reason Wikipedia is in trouble

Before I get to the real reason, let me give props to Jimmy Wales for standing up to the Chinese government. Cory Doctorow writes:
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has refused to censor the content on the Chinese version of Wikipedia, resulting in its being blocked by the Chinese government. Google, Yahoo and others have folded to demands from Beijing's totalitarian bureaucrats, but Wikipedia has stood firm. Predictably, Beijing has come to Wikipedia to ask them for some kind of peace-treaty, because China can ill-afford to block critical information resources if it is to remain economically strong. If only Google and Yahoo's executives were as confident in the importance of their services as Wales is of Wikipedia.

That's awesome. However, it looks like it wasn't the confidence in the importance of his service so much as a naive trust that the Chinese would come around based on common sense. At least that's how I read this quote from Wales (with bold text added by me):
I can understand that they would be upset - although of course I still don't think they have any moral right to ban anything - if we were pushing one set of figures in contrast to their objections, but if we are reporting both, to me that's exactly what an encyclopaedia should do and they should be comfortable with that.'

Am I missing something or does Wales miss the whole point of state censorship?

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