Monday music bullets

  • Over at Pandagon they've been discussing hipsterdom's impending Journey revival. It's high larious.

  • As I am not a thief, I don't yet own possess the forthcoming record from the Beastie Boys. Even and so, I anticipate buying it so I spent some time this weekend preparing my palate. You know what surprises me? The way I'm surprised by the quality of Hello Nasty every time I listen to it. That's a good record.

  • In other Beastie related news I finally broke down and decided to buy To the 5 Boroughs only to discover that none of the brick and mortar retailers around here keep it in stock. Naturally, I ended up getting some jazz cds. The guy behind the counter was impressed by the line ups on the Sonny Clark and Dexter Gordon records (which gave me a chance to spread the Jazz Discography Project gospel), but his attitude toward the Duke Ellington & John Coltrane record was somewhere between toleration and condescension. I can only assume that he's never heard it.

  • In 90s alternapop nostalgia news, I was listening to Morphine the other day and it occurred to me, for the first time I think, that the reason Mark Sandman planned to throw his drugs away when they found a cure for pain wasn't that he wouldn't need them anymore once his pain had been cured, but rather that he valued pain and couldn't abide drugs which threatened to eliminate it. Such are the perils of not listening closely to the lyrics.

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