"Swarm over, Death!" he said, smiling winningly

John Derbyshire sure had a banner day over in the fever swamp. After a quick bout of racism, he posted some poetry:
Come, friendly bombs, fall on D.C.!
It's not fit for humanity.
There's nothing there but villainy.
Swarm over, Death!

Come, bombs, and blow to kingdom come
Those pillared halls of tedium—
Hired fools, hired crooks, hired liars, hired scum,
Hired words, hired breath.

Mess up this mess they call a town—
A seat for twenty million down
And rights to the incumbent's crown
For twenty years.

The post is gone[1] now, and Derb hasn't posted since. Odd.

In the post Derbyshire explained that his inspiration lay in the Congressional debate surrounding the now defeated immigration bill. He wrote that he had refrained from blogging about the bill until after it's defeat because it made him so darn mad. The poem was presented -- successfully! -- as illustration of that madness.

And with that I yield the floor to Hilzoy.

Update: A commenter at Obsidian Wings found the rest, including the full text of Derbyshire's post. Here's the remainder of the poem:
And get that lobbyist who'll spin
His case to congressmen, who'll win
Amendments, raking fortunes in
For racketeers.

And smash his desk of polished oak
(Paid for by honest working folk
Toiling 'neath taxation's yoke)
And make him yell.

But spare the lesser worker bees,
Federal and private employees,
Working for meager salaries
In government Hell.

It's not their fault they cannot see
How power stifles liberty,
How citizens who once were free
Become enslaved.

From childhood they've been raised to think
That federal power solves everything
They can no longer smell the stink
Of power depraved.

Spare these folk; reserve your fire
For those who wallow in the mire—
That smug, smooth, chauffered, canting choir
Of puffed-up fools.

Come, friendly bombs, fall on D.C.!
Leave it as it used to be:
Potomac winding to the sea
By tree-fringed pools.

Double Plus Update: Well what do you know. Turns out some of the other posters in the fever swamp took issue with Derb's poem. Naturally, their criticisms have also been deleted. Once again, though, an intrepid blogger endorses Derb's artistic fancy and preserves reference to the content.

1 Luckily, intrepid blogger Pat Santy (who apparently has a doctorate in sanity) endorses Derb's call for the violent overthrow of the guv'mint and has done us all the service of preserving (some) of his words.

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