A toast to the Bellmen

DR and I have been discussing the qualities of arguments in a comment thread recently and it has me thinking about how a person's style of argumentation affects the course of the argument, and it's persuasiveness as well.

Reflecting on this led me try to compare different argument styles found at the Bellman to the experience of drinking. Both of them can get your thoughts all screwed up, after all.

Arguing with DR is like drinking scotch. Strong with a serious bite and you get fucked up in a hurry.

Arguing with Jason is like drinking Jagermeister. Not only do you get fucked up, but you have a fun time doing it, in a vaguely European way.

Arguing with Joe6Paq is like drinking Irish coffee. You didn't even realize you were drinking, but you end up hammered nonetheless.

Arguing with Maray is like drinking a fine wine, smooth and seductive, but with a kick that makes you wish you hadn't started drinking on an empty stomach.

Arguing with DefCon1 is like drinking a Long Island Iced Tea, lots of texture with different strands weaving in and out before you finally end up puking out your nose.

Arguing with Tyson is more like slamming Tequila shots. The next thing you know you wake up in an alien landscape and you cannot remember how you got there or why there's blood all over your clothing.

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