Good news from Texas

I try not to think about the more controversial death-penalty cases in Texas, because paying attention always leads to a bout of profound depression when the sentence is carried out. But I couldn't help myself: I've been following the news of Kenneth Foster, who was to be excecuted even though he didn't commit, or even meaningfully participate, in murder.

So, this is a relief:
The state proceeed to execute its 400th offender, as well as two more this week. The 403rd, Kenneth Foster, was set to be executed today—just a few hours from now—but Mr Perry has just announced that, on the parole board's recommendation, the sentence will be commuted to life. Close call, Mr Foster.

Baby steps are all one can hope for in Texas right now, and this was a baby step. But for Foster, it means life. For those who aren't as familiar with Texas-style justice, George Bush would not have commuted the sentence if he were still governor, and he might have even mocked Foster to boot.

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