Just because you're paranoid...

The White House hawks in Dick Cheney's office and elsewhere who want to stage an attack on Iran are clearly winning the internal power stuggle. And an often overlooked sub-plot on the long road toward war with Tehran is this: How could Bush stage an attack on Iran without the authorization of a skeptical, Democratic Congress?

Today, the White House has solved that pesky problem in one fell swoop. By explicitly linking the Iranian elite guard into the post 9/11 "global war on terror" in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush's lawyers would certainly now argue that any military strike on Iran is now covered by the October 2002 authorization to use military force in Iraq, as part of their overly sweeping response to the 2001 attacks. |Attytood|


One small comment. When the Bush Administration does something that's stupid on the surface (as in declaring Shia Iran to be allied with Sunni Al Quaeda), it's tempting to just mark it up to their transcendant unrealism. It's important to remember, though, that these idiots are very, very clever when it comes to finding means to accomplish fundamentally stupid ends.

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