Now I'm all alone with just my shadow in front

Item: The other day I came across the entry for 'wetback' in my 1986 edition of Webster's College Dictionary. Everything was pretty much as you'd expect until the end, where the dictionary noted that the term is, "sometimes considered offensive." Sometimes? Seriously?

Item: When I bought my hair clippers a decade or so ago they came with a one ounce tube of mineral oil for use as a lubricant. It only takes about one drop every third haircut, so I've only just now run out. Last night I went to my local Walgreen's to buy another one ounce tube but the smallest size they sold was 16 ounces, so I figure I'm set until about 2117. Except that, according to the label on my new bottle, mineral oil is actually a laxative. That's what I call dual use! Still, 16 ounces works out to 32 doses which, at my current rate of use should last at least through 2117. So.

Item: Apparently the Democratic presidential candidates had a debate yesterday before I even got out of bed. This shit has got to stop.

Item: My quest to understand the hostility toward Bose speakers among self-styled audiophiles continues apace. Part of the answer, I think, is that Bose has a better rep than most audiophile brands, but doesn't actually make better speakers. Fair enough, but to hear audiophiles talk you'd think that Bose made aggressively bad speakers, which they don't. Anyway, here's a clue lifted from Stereophile's 1975 review of the Bose 901. It's the manufacturer's comment on the review, and it isn't exactly friendly:
Our technical analysis of the theory behind the 901 differs from Stereophile's in a number of respects. Since the final test of a speaker is in its sound with actual program material, we urge Stereophile readers to audition the Bose 901 and then judge for themselves whether Stereophile or the 15 other US and foreign reviews, which draw completely different conclusions, is correct. |link|

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