Are not my ways equal?

Greetings from the land of moderately priced digital cable!
  • What the hell is broccolini? Also, Anthony Bourdain seems like kind of an asshole. So I guess he probably gets along great with Tom Coleccio.
  • Speaking of Top Chef, this is fucked up.
  • UFC is waaaaaaay better than WEC. But thanks for trying Versus. You done brung me through the wilderness.
  • Did you know that David Lynch has had his name removed from the Dune credits? The film is now brought to you by Alan Smithee.
  • Speaking of Alan Smithee, the free movie offerings on *On Demand* have really expanded since the last time I had access to the Digital Starter Package.
  • Apparently the M*A*S*H revival is only taking place on Super Basic Cable. Who'd'a thunk?
  • Don't be fooled by the lame advertising campaign. The women's World Cup is awesome.

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