Dan Rather's lawsuit is not about George Bush, dummy

For several years now, there has been a sort of unity amongst liberal political institutions and media outlets, including MoveOn, various blogs, Air America radio shows, and so on. We've all been united in one despairing cry:


Truly, when it comes to liberal voices, George Bush has been one hell of a uniter.

A couple things are changing now, however. Bush is on his way out. Democrats control congress, at least in theory. We're beginning a primary season. And because of all of this, our differences become a little more stark. And people and groups that seemed reasonable last year now seem to be totally nuts.

One example of left-wing nuttiness is this blog post by Richard Greene, host of Air America's evening show, "Clout."

Let's Support Dan Rather

Congratulations, Dan Rather!! Since MONEY is THE only thing that the mainstream media corporations measure, hitting CBS and Viacom with a $70 million lawsuit is, finally, speaking their "single bottom line" language.

That George Bush got to lie about his military service, steal his job and then keep his job and Dan Rather, a courageous journalist for decades, lost his and was disgraced for telling the truth about the man who lied and stole and ultimately defrauded the nation into war, is a national obscenity. In fact, CBS and Viacom bear significant responsibility to America for the $500 Billion plus, plus, plus foreign policy disaster where they, and the rest of the mainstream media, suspended THEIR journalistic ethics, surrendered their national role and became, instead, cheerleaders for our MIA Commander in Chief and his disastrous foreign policy.

Perhaps America should join Mr. Rather and file a lawsuit against CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox for THAT! We will be cheering for you, Dan!

Rather is filing a lawsuit saying that he wasn't actually responsible for the incorrect information. He's not at all claiming that the story about Bush was true. He's basically saying, "I'm just a talking head, so please give me money." This lawsuit is just going to give wingnuts another opportunity to push actual issues to the sideline with a hysteric round of bashing the MSM for it's alleged anti-Bush slant.

So, let's not support Dan Rather. Sure, he got a raw deal, but his reputation (and his personal fortune) are the least of our worries.

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