Will the real opposition party please stand up?

Matching up on some reading I ran across this statement by Barnett Rubin, Director of Studies at the Center on International Cooperation:

[T]he Democratic Party presidential candidates and Congressional Leadership sometimes seem afraid of challenging the administration too directly for fear of being seen as soft on terrorism... If I were a politician, for instance, I might say something like this:

The Bush-Cheney administration has surrendered much of Afghanistan to the Taliban and much of Pakistan to al-Qaida. They have turned most of Iraq over to Iran, creating the very danger over which they now threaten another disastrous war; they have strained the U.S. Armed Forces to the point of exhaustion, turned the Defense Department over to private contractors, the Justice Department over to the Republican National Committee, and the national debt over to foreign creditors, while leading a party whose single most basic belief is supposed to be that individuals must take personal responsibility for their actions. And they dare to lecture us on national security? |Bush-Cheney Threaten U.S. Security: Where's the Accountability? - Informed Comment: Global Affairs|

Bush doesn't disappoint me because I always suspected he was a spoiled frat boy pretending to be a statesman, but I am disappointed at the paltry attempts of the Democrats to curtail Bush's disastrous reign.

Looking at the scorecard, Bush has won every single round against the Dem's even since the 2006 election, so who's the stupid one?

Bush is a lame duck and his brain has left the building, when will the Democrats get up the courage to challenge him?

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