So in his first few weeks as President, Obama has moved boldly to keep many of his campaign promises that he can do via executive order, he's signed S-CHIP, and he's achieved a breathtaking legislative achievement in the stimulus bill that features a bunch of liberal spending (or, as we like to call it on this Blog of Record, "good ideas"), rewards traditional Democratic constituencies, and may even help prevent the worst case economic scenario.

And the public still thinks he's bipartisan as heck.

I'd say he's doing quite well. And I'd reiterate what I've said previously: Barack is playing a long game with Republicans, and they are getting rolled. Those of us who have been trained by the last 16 years to analyze events in frames like "who won today's news cycle" are likely to mistake what he's doing.

UPDATE: Matt Cooper agrees: "I don't underestimate what lies ahead but I'm pretty amazed by how despairing the tone on the left has been in the wake of what was a very significant passage of legislation. "

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