Notes from Michigan

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  • The proper term for a resident of the state is 'Michigander.' A step up from, 'Illinoisian', to be sure, but it lacks the clean simplicity of 'Kansan.'

  • Cragslist is definitely the way to go if you must rent an apartment sight unseen, but if you're working on a short timetable you might have to make allowance. My new pad is cheap, cheap, cheap -- but there's a reason for that. The living area and the kitchen/bathroom area are located in different parts of an old house. So if I feel like getting a drink of water, or getting rid of a drink of water, I have to leave my apartment, walk across a shared landing, unlock my kitchen, and enter my apartment.

    Did I mention that the place is cheap?

  • I had heard that Michigan was cold in the winter, but it's 33 degrees and sunny right now, and tomorrow's high is supposed to be 39. Not balmy, but not frigid either.

  • My apartment came furnished, and the furnishings included a huge color TV. For the first week the cable gods smiled upon me and I had fifty channels free of charge. So I got to see the first episode of rollergirls. It was ok. I also saw Andrw Bynum dunk on Shaq. It was awesome.

  • Apparently, I'm a natural at shuffleboard.

  • If I weren't blogging I'd have no choice but to do my laundry. Or finish unpacking my dishes. Or finally hanging a few things on the walls. Those who believeth in the internet shall not perish, but shall have everlasting procrastination.

  • Best. Grad. Union. Contract. Clause. Ever.
    Article XXIV, Section C.

    Where coffee making facilities exist such that Employees have access to and utilize such facilities, Employees shall continue to have access to these facilities.

  • Just for kicks, a random ten
    1. Are you hep to the jive? / Cab Calloway
    2. Ringfinger / Nine Inch Nails
    3. Selah / Poor Righteous Teachers
    4. Congeniality / Ornette Coleman
    5. Bahleli bonke / Miriam Makeba
    6. Honky tonkin' / Hank Williams
    7. Leave me alone / Michael Jackson
    8. She's not for you / Willie Nelson
    9. That's how I escaped my certain fate / Mission of Burma
    10. Since you were gone / Chromeo

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