Her friends called her 'slim'

Sudden access to cable TV has rekindled my childhood crush on Miss Jane Hathaway. In addition to modifying my dress to include a plaid shirt and a rope belt, I navigated over to imdb to check out Nancy Kulp's bio this morning. Here's something neat:
In 1984, she ran as a Democrat for Pennsylvania's Ninth Congressional District, but lost to Republican incumbent Bud Shuster. She blamed "Beverly Hillbillies" co-star Buddy Ebsen for her defeat, because Ebsen taped a radio ad in support of Shuster, and deemed her "too liberal." She did not speak to Ebsen for several years afterwards, but eventually made peace with him. |source|

I'm wondering if there is a Jane Hathaway/Ellie Mae divide among fans of the show, and whether it tracks the well documented Ginger/Mary Ann division. I'd also like to know Nancy Kulp's campaign platform.

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