While doing some fact checking1 over at the Wikipedia, I discovered that Tom Tomorrow2 and Bill James were both born in Kansas. James, it says there, was the last man in Kansas to be drafted for Vietnam (though he actually served in Korea).

Most surprisingly, I discovered that Jason Sudeikis, a Shawnee Mission West High School alum just like me, is now on the cast of Saturday Night Live. Wow!

I'm pretty sure that I never met the guy, but I did know his mother -- she and my father worked for the same company while I was in high school. I recall having lunch on no less than two occassions. Wow!

1 Was Earl Woods the first non-white athlete to play for K-State? Yes, as a baseball player in 1951.

2 Incedentally, I seem to recall from his blog that Tom Tomorrow claims Iowa rather than Kansas as his home state.

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