Must. Write. Blog. Post. (cough) (cough)

Item: I'm not sick. I don't get sick. It's one of the many benefits of being a nonsmoker. Ask anyone.

Item: This YouTube vid is awesome. So is this one. Both via unfogged, which should probably be on the blogroll.

Item: After watching The Karate Kid, I always believe that I'm 126 minutes closer to death.

Item: If you follow only one link in this post, it should be this one.

Item: If you're looking for somebody to blame for that last one, blame Neil the Ethical Werewolf.

Item: Speaking of blogs that should probably be on the blogroll, there's Axis of Evil Knievel.

Item: Interesting historical fact. Back in the day they used to display the impaled heads of traitors on pikes located at the entrance to London Bridge. Preserved by being dipped in tar, individual heads remained on display for decades or even centuries. The practice didn't end until 1660, after more than 30 heads had accumulated.

That's all I got.

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