This is The Bellman's 700th post since switching to blogger

It's about time for a blog crash!

Anyway, the actual point of the post is that I made the mistake of following a link to Powerline, and read:
Tony Snow did a press briefing today, and the reporters once again wanted to obsess on Saddam Hussein's execution. Not on the fact that justice was finally done, after Saddam tormented and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocents, over a period of thirty years. No! The focus of the press corps' rage was the fact that, for a moment before he dropped through the trap door, Saddam was taunted. Maybe there is some parallel universe in which this makes sense, but I doubt it. I think these journalists are stark, raving mad.

Actually, Rocket-boy John is stark, raving stupid. He's so dumb that he can't even understand the basics of the problem as presented. The U.S. press corp hasn't suddenly developed a thirst for justice when it comes to the treatment of Saddam.

Perhaps John should read some Hitchens, like he used to

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