UPDATED: Which Democrat would you like to be President?

Let the 2008 race begin here on this blog. As we get closer, I'm sure we'll talk a lot about who should get the Democratic nomination and save America, and a lot of that talk will involve our judgment of who can win against the Republican challenger. But now, in the early days when we don't even have a clear idea of who is going to run (I mean, seriously, Chris Dodd?), my question is this:

Assuming that the winner of the Democratic primary were to automatically win in the general election, who would you support?

In the field of candidates (and likely candidates) so far, my answer is John Edwards. What about you?

UPDATE: What's the point of this question?

The point of this question is to start acknowledging some preferences among the likely candidates for the Democratic nomination. Likewise, when I later post a question about which could most likely beat the Republican challenger without any concern about whether he or she would actually make a good president, I will also intend to restrict the question to likely candidates.

The point, dear readers and co-bloggers, is to begin a discussion about whom we should support of the likely candidates.

So, no Robert Byrd, and no William Shatner. Got it?

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