A Euro-Asian man don't need him around anyhow

I found this about where you'd expect.
As with all the verbiage coming out of the reptilian stems of Farrakhans and Wrights, too many folks who should be thinking, are listening to cogitate, are applauding a concert or a vocal solo. Brothers don't ask themselves about the content of the words they is hearing from our unelected Negro leaders, who are only too happy to oblige with their histrionics, their impulsive head-twists, arm waving, plosive "ps" and labial "bs" their rising in terror "Ays" and descending to solemnity "um-hums" I'd say these ventriloquists have perfected the art of "pretense speech". They pretend to speak sense, but its mostly rhetorical smoke and mirrors expressing indignation at not having the choice to simply come-in and jive.

No, the Lord demand they speak - and lo, they imitate speech. A a bit of righteous outrage, colored words, shrill invocations, aphoristic mumbojumbo, and hyperactive metronomic gestures, to conjure up moral indignation and the Lords wrath. The brothers growing up and listening to this crap perfected the art of smiling, "a-huming" and getting up and swinging-a-clapping while not at all listening for logic, consistency, and implication. Its an ethnic circus show where everyone joins in on the act. Christian or Islamic, suffused with Ghanian shamanism.

While the Euro-Asian man has perfected the art of calm reflection and rational creative destruction - and made this the foundation upon which our world was built, a world transcending huts and canoes - the Negro leadership in this Euro-Asian world has decided to proclaim pride in its Tropical heritage, and perfected the art of "show thinking, and cliche pimping" in order to assault the foundations of the Euro-Asian world. This leadership has dug Americas blacks into a dark hole called "Fake Wisdom thought," but to suggest so is to be a Colonialist, anti-Africanist, Racist, Supremacist, or Race-Traitor.|Stop Obama|

Just to make the utter vacuity of the argument clear, let's note for the record that nowhere in the post is any concern shown for "the content of the words" spoken by Obama. It is entirely a critique of style, and a critique driven by two of my favorite fallacies, guilt by association and ad hominem. You can read the whole thing if you want, but it says here not to bother.

Anyway, what I want to draw attention to is the way that 'Euro-Asian' crops up at all the points in the argument where one would expect to see appeals to 'Western Civilization.' What's going on here? In particular, is this form of the argument something that arose sui generis in upper Wingnuttia, or is it an artifact of leftist critiques that contrast the industrial North with the so-called Global South? Not having read any of those leftist critiques, I'm at a bit of a loss here. It does sound similar to things I've heard at talks over in that neighborhood of the academy, though of course the application is rather different.

Addendum: By the way, I'd bet dollars to donuts that stop-obama.org is straight up politcal astroturf and that the bloggers at the site are little more than characters (the link goes to the whois entry). The interesting question, it seems to me, is whether it's Clinton astroturf or McCain astroturf.

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