The trade

Speaking for myself, I'm pretty happy with the trade. Kansas City wasn't going to be any good this year, Jared Allen was never going to sign a long term deal in KC, and a mid first round pick plus two (count 'em two) third rounders is going to help the rebuilding process. What's more, now they can pick for value with a defensive lineman at the five spot. Heck, from where I sit I'd like to see them trade Gonzalez and Johnson for picks, though maybe they'd be better off waiting for next year's draft.

Addendum: Yeah, I promoted it. What do you want, a whole new post about the NFL draft?

...I'm sitting here hoping for the Raiders to pick McFadden, and I think this is something I may come to regret.

...and they do! Now, does KC reach, trade, or jump on the Glenn Dorsey bandwagon? I'm telling you, a dominant defense rotates tackles.

...Dorsey! Now begins the long, slow stockpiling of Offensive Linemen. But where do they go for DE? Merling could be available at #17, and Lawrence Jackson when KC picks in the second round.

...Albert! So that's an anchor for each line. And now Detroit is reaching for an OT? They aren't going to like that pick here in SE Michigan.

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