EFCA matters

Item: I've been seeing a lot of pro-EFCA advertisements on the tee vee lately, and they seem, to my jaundiced eye, to be pretty good.

Item: And just to prove that me and the labor movement aren't the only folks who think putting workers out front is a good idea, here's a little something from the Union Facts bozos:

Item: Last but not least, Labornerd is set to launch February 9 and is looking for contributors, occasional and otherwise. Unlike our own humble blog of record, Labornerd has a mission statement:
The project of this blog is to bring together the labor movement, new media, the arts and (free) culture. The project of this blog is to facilitate activism, to get the Employee Free Choice Act passed by June 23, 2009 (the 62nd anniversary of the passage of Taft-Hartley), and to report on the re-merger of AFL-CIO and CtW (as well as other developments in labor). The project of this blog is to tell workers' stories, to re-envision unions for the 21st Century, and to help shape President Obama's New New Deal. The project of this blog is what you want it to be, since it will be shaped by your participation.

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