O M F Gaza

This afternoon, NPR's All Things Considered considered the following things:

* Egypt is working with Israel to keep Gaza's borders tightly shut.

* If a Gaza resident's neighborhood has been destroyed or is currently targeted, that person has no where to go. They won't go to UN shelters because they feel that these are likely to be targeted.

* The war is broadly popular within Israel.

* The war is likely to be brought to a close before January 20th so that Israel doesn't start out on the wrong foot with the new U.S. administration. And that's nice, I guess, but it doesn't sound like the resolution of the conflict will be any kind of resolution.

And I wonder how many 10 year old Palestenians are being turned into lifetime Hamas members by this series of events?

Image from Amir Farshad Ebrahimi's photostream.

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