Talking about EFCA

Just saw Chris Wallace and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer on Fox News Sunday arguing about whether it's okay to call the EFCA process card check. It was surreal. I call it card check. Everybody I know in the labor movement calls it card check. It turns out, however, that 'card check' is now a right wing frame. Update your speech accordingly, I guess.

Or don't.

In EFCA news, Hoyer expressed support for the bill, said he expected it to pass the Senate in more or less the form that it had passed the House, but didn't say it would be an immediate priority and hinted that passage might not come during the first 100 days.

Another interesting thing about the segment was that Chris Wallace delivered the secret ballot spin in a way I hadn't seen before, asking whether there was room for a compromise that would preserve the secret ballot, possibly by modifying the NLRB process so that elections would be guaranteed to occur sooner. Hoyer pointed out that nothing in EFCA precludes the holding of an election, and that's pretty much where they left it. It occurs to me, though, that calling it 'free choice' rather than 'card check' leaves room for an EFCA that doesn't establish card check recognition.

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