Day two

KC: So far they've picked up a pass rushing DT and a tall, fluid CB with character issues. Throw in Tyson Jackson at DE (not to mention last year's numer one Glenn Dorsey) and the defensive line is looking pretty good. I itch for offensive linemen, but I came of age in the Schottenheimer era. The team needs a linebacker. Are there any tight ends available?

Detroit: The fans aren't happy. They didn't like Stafford, and they had their hearts set on a linebacker that the team passed on twice, so DeAndre Levy will face an uphill battle with them. Then again, I've heard fans seriously suggest that Detroit should have passed on the number one pick, just passed four or five times, until the decision about who to pick was easy enough not to screw up. So there's not a lot of confidence in management.

Cleveland: Wheeling and dealing! Is the team geographically close enough for me to root for?

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