Draft matters

Lions: I'm not sold on Stafford, but I don't see anybody offering to move up and I think you have to take a quarterback at that position. The real story for the Lions will be their next two picks at 20 and 33. Local fans are hoping for Maualuga out of USC to drop, and if he's there maybe you have to take him. I think the Lions would do better to focus on the offensive side of the ball, particularly the offensive line. The Lions don't have enough good players and never will have enough until they learn to bear down and fix the team one unit at a time.

Kansas City: Man, do I want them to trade down! You've got to think that somebody will want to move up to get Sanchez, and would be willing to give KC some picks. Assuming that Smith goes second, and KC keeps its pick, and KC picks a defensive player named Aaron, I'd rather see Maybin than Curry. Just as with the Lions, KC doesn't have very many players. Adding another top pick on the D-line would put them on the road to a dominant unit up front.

Freeman: Bust, bust, bust. I can't believe he's projected in the first round.

Gonzalez: I don't really see how KC didn't get jobbed on the trade. Unless, that is,they trade down a bit, steal Crabtree, and leverage that 2010 second round pick into something in the top 40 picks this year. Then I'd be impressed. I'd also like to see KC get younger in a deal that involves Larry Johnson, Chris Wells, and a pony.

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