"Dean is a loser!"

That's what BlueStateVirgin told me before the primaries kicked off in 2004. Well, he did end up losing, so I guess BSV was right. However, I still think the Democratic Party should have stood Dean up, because a) we lost anyway, and b) Dean was the only politician in either party exhibiting any kind of sanity.
Can anyone dispute that Dean was right about virtually every prediction and claim he made, every warning that he issued about why invading Iraq was ill-advised and counter-productive? Compare this outright prescience from Dean to the war supporters’ declarations of cakewalks, predictions of glorious victory celebrations, promises that the war would pay for itself, Purple Finger celebrations where they insisted that democracy was upon us, errors regarding the number of troops needed, inexcusable failure to anticipate or plan the insurgency, and shrill fear-mongering about Saddam’s non-existent weapons.

Check out the whole post. The "centrist" Dems would have a lot more credibility right now if they hadn't lined up to vote for this rotten mess.

UPDATE: I didn't mean to make it sound like BSV was for the invasion of Iraq (he certainly wasn't) or that he was particularly in bed with the Democrats who voted for that war. His full response is in the comments.

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