Muslims await apology

As we reported earlier, Muslims around the world have been horrified by political cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed which were published in a Danish newspaper. Personification (and satire) of the phrophet Mohammed is considered blasphemy by at least some (if not all) portions of the Muslim community.

Well, the blasphemy is spreading around Europe.

Two leading German newspapers and one of France 's biggest dailies today reprinted the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad that have sparked furore across the Middle East.

The 12 drawings were first printed in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten in September, sparking protests by Muslims against Denmark in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other countries in the region.|Guardian|

But it does not appear that any apology is forthcoming. Quite the contrary...

Die Welt printed on its front page today the drawing of the prophet wearing a turban with a bomb about to explode.

"Democracy is the institutionalised form of freedom of expression. There is no right to protection from satire in the west; there is a right to blasphemy" the paper said in an accompanying comment piece.|Guardian|

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